smudge dish
smudge dish
handmade pottery smudge dish

Smudge Dish

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Our Smudge Dish is made from porcelain clay and has two notches cut out to rest your palo santo, or Smudge Bundle in. It is hand-dipped in glaze for a unique, custom finish.

  • Materials: Porcelain, Glaze
  • Handmade item
  • Do not burn unattended

About the Artist
Kara Pendl is the designer, artist and creative director behind Karacotta Ceramics, based in Austin, TX. Kara is a self taught potter, with early instruction from a high school art class, a hobby exploration in 2011, and a lifetime of creative curiosity. Originally a Wisconsin native, Kara grew up exploring in the woods, adventuring in nature, and creating with organic materials - these experiences heavily influence the unique aesthetic and processes in the body of her work.